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More Examples and how we fixed them.

Yamaha tank masked for lining
When we first got this tank, the perforation appeared small enough to locally weld - however, the tank rattled, so it was clear that something wasn't quite right!
So we cut it open...
This is the Yamaha cut open - you can see a large piece of loose resin inside.
Yamaha with its chunk of resin
And this is what we removed.
Drew at Metal Magic then welded and pressure tested the tank, we then lined it and it was sent for painting.
We can even fix this!
This fibreglass tank had de-laminated on the seam. We repaired the problem, then applied a liner to the inside of the tank.
The finished job...
With paintwork intact!
Suzuki with paint removed
This is a repair of a repair that was undertaken on the centre of the tank. Our job was to reweld multiple perforations around the rest of the skirt, then line and refinish.
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