• 'I have a brand-new tank; should I get it lined?

    Many manufacturers of new tanks insist that the tank is lined from new. In fact, failure to line a new tank has been known to invalidate any guarantee offered, both by European and American tank manufacturers.


  • 'I cannot find a replacement for my old bike tank - can you help?'

    Drew Roberts at Heritage Motors can make a new tank for you along with mudguards, tool boxes and general body panels - his work is excellent, we use him for all of our metal-working requirements.

    We recently introduced ourselves to HoltWorks , a British manufacturer of alloy fuel tanks, (as well as other very interesting things!).

    If you click on either of these two, you will be taken to their very interesting websites. Of course, we would highly recommend that if you take this route, you should seriously consider allowing us the privilege of lining your new tank.
    If you do decide to have the tank lined, PLEASE have it done before it receives its final beautiful paintwork.


  • 'I think my tank has been lined before - is this a problem? Can you get the lining out?'

    Yes - we certainly can but please be aware that the chemicals used to remove the liner are highly aggressive and although we take the greatest care, the existing paint job is likely to be damaged. We will take reference photos before we start so that you can send them to your selected paint finisher. 
    In some cases, we may need to cut the bottom out of the tank - but if it has been lined in the past, this usually indicates that it has been leaking, so welding work would most likely have to be carried out anyway.


  • 'How long has ethanol been used as a petrol additive, as my old tank has been lined in the past and it is flaking off!'

    Ethanol was first introduced into fuel in 1975 at 2% (E2). Since then, the percentage of ethanol has increased to E5 (5%) and very recently to 10% (E10). The British Motorcyclists Federation has a comprehensive article on the effects of ethanol on their website - worth a read! The implication is that post-2000 motorbikes should have tanks that can cope with ethanol, but as they say in the article, the future of ethanol-blended fuel is too complex to predict.


  • 'I have a fibreglass tank - can this be lined?'

    We have successfully lined Enfield and Norton fibreglass tanks and, most recently, a fibreglass and carbon Ducati tank. There are a number of caveats, though - please contact us for details.