Ducati 900SS Tank from start to finish                2017

Ducati arrives for relining
1997 Ducati with running problems caused by corrosion. Brief was to remove corrosion, phosphate and line tank without damaging paintwork.
Ducati prior to acid treatment
This shows the interior of the tank before initial acid descaling.
Ducati derusted
This shows the top of the tank and the deep corrosion left after 48 hours of immersion.
Ducati corrosion
This shot shows the back of the tank after 48 hours derusting.
Ducati pitting & corrosion
The lowest point of the tank. A very good example of where ethanol mix settles. Tank then sent for shotblasting of interior.
Ducati after phosphate & primer
This shows the interior after iron phosphating and subsequent epoxy priming
Ducati after second coat
This is how the tank interior looks after receiving a second coat of liner.
Ducati undergoing curing cycle
This is an essential part of the process. As you can see, the paintwork is undamaged.
Lining complete!
This is the finished interior of the tank - the lining coat is now approximately 150-200µ
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