Completed Projects - a little eye candy!

Honda tank with a leak
This rare Honda tank had a small leak from the fuel tap area and we were asked to investigate.
Honda stripped back for inspection
When we stripped it back, we found that there was far more damage than had been immediately obvious.
The damage revealed!
The complete area had been filled with fibreglass resin in an attempt to hide the defect prior to the tank being imported and sold to our client.
Honda ready for welding
Our client decided to have the tank completely refurbished, so we stripped the old paintwork and sent the tank to Drew at Metal Magic for the metalwork.
Honda tank lined and primed
This is that Honda tank, back from welding, fully lined and in its base coat.
Honda top coated
The tank is now painted and ready for the application of its transfers and then the final lacquer coats and polishing.
Delightful Monkey Bike tank
We replaced all the underside and back of this little tank, then lined and refinished it along with its battery cover. The happy Kawasaki collector has mounted the whole bike on his lounge wall!
Completed Velocette
We cut the bottom out of this tank and removed the old liner. We then rewelded the tank, replaced the studs, then lined and refinished the tank in black with a gold pinline.
Superb BSA B Series Veteran
This lovely tank was stripped, pressure tested, welded to repair the leaks, then we lined and repainted it in its original livery.
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