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Fuel Tank Problems


Poor Running?

Blocked Carburettor Jets?

Leaking Fuel?

All of these are caused by corrosion in your fuel tank.

So how is this corrosion caused?

When unleaded fuels were introduced, additives based on ethanol were included to improve performance. Unfortunately, ethanol takes in water from the atmosphere and the combination of ethanol and water is highly corrosive. When any bike has been standing for a period of time, the tank is likely to have incurred considerable corrosion damage. We have even seen such damage in bikes less than ten years old.


Corrosion leads to rust flakes which block the carburettor jets and injectors, while corrosive residue in the fuel invitably leads to perforation of the tank at its lowest point. The tank on a classic bike, especially a rare model, can be very expensive to replace and it may take a long time for you to source a replacement in decent condition.

Devon Bike Tank Restorers have been repairing and lining bike tanks for over eight years. We have successfully undertaken work on tanks as diverse as Brough Superiors and Honda Monkey Bikes, some of which were in very poor condition. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and let us put the heart back into your cherished bike!

A Rogues Gallery of Corrosion and Damage

Tanks in the condition that we receive them and what we find inside! 

We can even fix this!
Drew at Metal Magic can effect the repair, and then we line the tank, prior to paintwork so that it doesn't happen again! This project is ongoing.
Norton 'Rattle'
This one had a minor leak, but a big rattle - we decided to remove the bottom to investigate and found 6.5mm of hard resin from a failed attempt at repairing the leak.
The same Norton
This shows the fibreglass resin that had to be removed from the top.
'It's leaking a bit, mate'
This is what the owner said when he phoned us. We blasted the bottom and this is what we found!
A closer look at the Laverda
This needed Drew's attention before we lined it.
A view of the inside...
Previously lined by the owner, who hoped to stop a leak. The liner was 5mm thick, the tank had not been prepared well prior to application so after a year, it detached and broke up.
And when we cut it open...
This is what we found inside - you can see how thick that liner was!
Damaged tank from a veteran bike
This tank had been heavily filled with fibreglass and by the time we removed all of it, we found that the filler was only just still attached.
Amazing what comes out of a tank!
Another DIY attempt by the owner to repair large leaks in steel tanks - as you can see, it didn't stick!
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Meet the Team


With many years experience in Metal Finishing and Chrome Plating within the aerospace and automotive industries and with a keen interest in classic motorbikes, Kevin formed the Bike Tank Restorer Team (formerly Tanks @ Unit24) in 2012 to undertake the restoration of a number of classic bike tanks.


Over the past eight years, he has successfully lined over four hundred tanks, including two tanks for the iconic Brough Superior. He has also worked on many classic British, Italian, American and Japanese bike tanks, ensuring that these bikes are running many years from now, without the ethanol-induced fuel problems.


To undertake welding and metal repairs, Kevin has created a unique working relationship with Drew Roberts at Metal Magic, Drew undertakes dent removal, permanent welding, seam repairs and tank fabrications, and pressure-tests tanks before sending them to Kevin for lining. 

Kevin and Drew combine their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for classic and contemporary bikes and cars to ensure that their clients' projects are completed to their exacting standards.




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Our core hours are between 10am and 4pm, but you can telephone us from 9am 'til 6pm should you need urgent advice!

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We no longer recommend a particular courier company, as we and our clients have had varied experiences, both good and bad, especially during the current Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are bringing us your tank in person, please telephone to arrange an appointment.

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And when we cut it open...

This is what we found inside - you can see how thick that liner was!